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Soulless Records

Soulless records was established in 2006, it is one of the most versatile recording studio in downriver Michigan. Not only do we have professional sounding studio but there is great talent. There are two producers right now Michael Hipshire and Cordaro Stewart. Right now there are 5 artist/groups on Soulless and we are expanding searching for a wide variety of talent including singers, rappers, and even bands while your look try putting in an application you might be a great addition to the Soulless Family.


We will be having some upcoming shows this summer in 2008. No date yet but i can tell you that they will be at the modern exchange.

Soulless Records Logo


Getting Signed

We are dropping an artist who is goin to another record label alittle close to his home state. Which means we will be signing a new artist and they dont have to be rap either. Rock, country wahtever you are your welcome just contact us and will send you an online application or have you meet with us. We have a studio with tons of equipment.

Studio Time

We are charging people to come and use are studio cause we got to make some money also. Contact us about to make some beats record a song or even a full Demo Cd. It dont matter and prices carry between bundles and songs.